When you have to buy parts, does it feel like extortion?

Need a $608 Dryer Computer? - “Replace” it for only $75! And Get 4X the Warrranty!
Need a $141 ignitor? - “Replace” it for ONLY $25! - With a full One Year Warranty!

The Dirty Little Secret About Dryer Computers
How dryer manufacturers keep taking your money over and over and
over again - after they've sold you your dryers.
The designed in “weakest link” that works fine, until after the warranty runs out!
If you don't “pay up”, your dryers are down and your business is down!
What can you do about it...?

Dear Friend,

Twenty-three years ago Dave, a friend and fellow laundromat owner, was frustrated by chronic problems with his dryer computers. Every time one broke down he was faced with an unexpected expense and having a dryer down. Of course the new computers were expensive. He even tried to have some fixed at local repair shops... with no luck. As a favor I checked out his computers, fixed a few, and discovered some interesting things... When an expensive computer failed, it was like they were “set up” by design! What I found was:

The Weakest Link In Your Dryer Computer
What the Manufacturer Does That
Makes Sure You Will Pay Them... Again, and Again and Again...!

A minor part would cause a major problem
Some components ran at their rated capacity. (Industry standard is 80%, so they don't burn out.)
The computers were designed to be very robust except for a few parts or weak points that would ensure they would fail – but in a controlled manner.

A good example of this is a small 20 cent capacitor that is used in the door circuit of the Speed Queen/Huebsch dryer computer. The manufacturer uses a 100uF, 35 volt capacitor. This will hold up for a few years, then usually fail. It's a very common problem. If you call the manufacturer, they will tell you to replace the $648.00 computer! A new computer for one tiny part??? That's like having a flat tire and the car dealer telling you that you need a new car! You just get it fixed, right?

New Problems Lurking In “Repaired/Refurbished” Computers
Just Repairing Your Computers Can Leave Behind Parts That Are Ready To Fail – Again

You can have your computers just repaired or “fully refurbished” to get it back to working again. But it might have some borderline parts left in that still work and... will fail later. That's why we always upgrade those the first time through!

How a Rebuilt (and Upgraded) Computer Can be Better Than New
Hint: Keep the Good Parts and... Get Rid of the “Weakest Links”

With D&E, Your Computer is Rebuilt and Upgraded
Not Just Repaired or “Refurbished”!

I knew that Dave would want his dryer computers rebuilt the same way that I would want for my laundromat... upgraded too! Since repairing those first few computers for Dave the procedure for rebuilding has always been the same, and uncompromising:

1. Repair and upgrade borderline parts and weak spots, even if they are still working – to prevent problems (“weakest links” are GONE!)
2. Clean and resolder high stress points like connectors, and reinforce where needed
3. Identify problems and potential problems – repair/upgrade those
Thoroughly TEST – most usually pass the first time through
Further repairs if needed

The entire process is usually done within two to three days. If there are some unusual problems, it undergoes further analysis, repair and testing.

The Easiest Way to Save Money on the Best Parts
You already have the parts - Have them rebuilt.
Rebuilt and Upgraded! - Not Just Repaired or “Refurbished”
Would you really want it to be repaired back to the original condition that eventually failed...
- Or worse... just “patched together”, “tested for functionality”, and waiting to fail again?
Some Examples of Typical Upgrades
Motor relay circuits are upgraded for higher capacity and more reliability
Borderline ¼ watt resistors are upgraded to 1 watt to 2 watts with the same electronic characteristics
Capacitors that tend to go bad are upgraded to a higher breakdown voltage (The 35 volt one mentioned earlier is upgraded to 63 volts

I expect our competition will eventually do some of these same upgrades because they are easy to spot. We have some proprietary upgrades for you too, which means – “we ain't tellin'...

Would you rather have your computer repaired – just the bad parts replaced, or just resoldered?
Would you rather have (still working) substandard parts upgraded also?

Would you rather have your computer refurbished to “original spec”
Would you rather have (still working) “weakest link(s)” upgraded to prevent problems?

How Has This Approach Worked?
“The Proof is in the Pudding”

We have used this approach to help thousands of laundromat owners during the past twenty-two years. Many parts lasted more than a decade. Recently, one came in that we rebuilt in 1996!

Here are just a few of our current clients and when they started having us rebuild their computers:

Mary Espinosa, Nifty Launderette, East Windsor, CT (her father, Don, started with us in 1997)
York Franke, Laundromats in Madison, NJ (Since February 1997)
Paul Martin owns multiple businesses and laundromats in Lansing, MI (since 2000)
Jack Staton, Jac's Laundromats, Sterling Heights, MI (Multiple store owner since 1996)

What's This Premium Service Worth to You?

New Dexter Computers List at $608, a SQ/Huebsch no longer being made, can be $648.85
How Much is a New Dryer?
How Much Time and Money Do You Have Invested In Your Business?

What is the Lifetime Value of a Customer Who Walks OUT (forever)
Because Your Dryers are Down – Again?

SQ and Huebsch Computers Rebuilt and Upgraded: ONLY $45.
Dexter Stack Dryer Comp. Rebuilt/Upgraded: ONLY $75 (AND 4X warranty than a new computer)
All Brands of Ignitors Rebuilt and Upgraded - ONLY $25

One Year Warranty

Full One Year (non-prorated) Warranty
This means full coverage - for a full year. If your computer or ignitor malfunctions for any reason, simply return it and I will fix it free. (Of course damage, vandalism, bad touch pad, are excluded). Some companies give a 90 day warranty on a brand new computer..Your upgraded computer is covered for a full year.

Have your dryer computers rebuilt and upgraded to keep your dryers running at their best!

Send Your Dryer Computers and Ignitors to:

1724 Hawleyton Road
Binghamton, NY 13903
Phone: (607)798-7704

Best regards,


PS Any questions about shipping, etc. feel free to call me at: (607)798-7704. I will even email a shipping label for you to use – you won't even be charged for it until after you send it in.

(c) 2017 Ernest Pessagno